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Dr. Wenzeslas Abyll

An almost legendary robot scientist, born in 04.01.2051 in Zagreb, Jugoslavia. His early youth faced not only the end of the age of robot scientists, but the rise and fall of the MacArthur-era as well. In the soon following time of a united earth, he became an outcast, a scary wonder - a robot scientist in a world that banned robotics. After the fall of the Terran Alliance, he gained some information about the possible place where the greatest of Dr. Thomas Light's creation were kept. He needed to get money for that, and Dr. Cain, an archeologist was willing to give it to him. After he discovered X he barely escaped, using an old teleportation device, while his crew was slaughtered. Later he learned that Cain claimed fame of discovering X and announced him as "missed". He vowed revenge. He made a pact with Sigma and began creating several new robots to aide him against Cain, X and Zero. After creating the 3 robots known as Gothic, Phantom and UltimateZero, he sealed himself away, vowing revenge on Sigma, who betrayed him and sent a spy after him.

Samuel Fisher

One of the Fisher brothers, a well-known robber-family, died during an accident involving a Maverick and a "defective" beam-saber. His brothers brought him to Dr. Abyll, because rumors said that he'd have the technology to bring him back. He did, in fact, have it, but the Samuel that was revived as a Cyborg was clearly not the person that his brothers knew. They abandoned him.
Samuel was the one who recovered Freezeman's body after it was nearly destroyed by Tremolo and copied his memories in Phantom's body.
Samuel was killed by UltimateZero, who was aiming at Dogadon and charged too much. He never was revived again, so it must have been impossible even for Dr. Abyll to do so. Maybe in 5 or 6 years, Cain's scientists will be far enough in their knowledge to understand how he did it in the first place...

Freezeman X

An ancient Wily robot master, destroyed in the chaotic years before the MacArthur-era, he was revived by Dr. Abyll as a study about his craftmanship. Soon after that, he was thrown out of Abyll's lab and wandered around the junkyard for days. Then he encountered Tremolo and lost the fight, resulting in his death. His memory was copied into the Phantom-robot that Abyll created.
It is not known how it affected him, but the state of the world and his new mental abilities tossed him down a lot. Maybe with more help earlier on, he'd still be alive.


Self-proclaimed speaker of the Silent Army, which was created in an alternate past due to the counteraction between Evil Energy and the Sigma virus.
A long time ago, he was part of a team of interstellar robots, hunting after the sources of Evil Energy and destroying them. However, on that alternate timeline, they fell victim of the mutated Evil Energy. Tremolo himself was malformed both physically and psychically, forming a bond with his weapon - name "Mr. Cannon" and later "Mr. Armarment", Mr. Cannon's replacement.
He was reverted by Phantom at another alternate timeline - the one that he forced Phantom into, ironically.

Andrusi Fisher

The oldest of the three Fisher brothers. He despised what Samuel became, though he took the Buster Suits that he stole quite thankfully. He disappeared into the junkyard with his younger brother Hylian later.

Hylian Fisher

Youngest of the three Fisher brothers, he nearly fell victim to Tremolo who wanted to refuel himself with his blood. He disappeared with his older brother Andrusi shortly later after confronted by Samuel. He's known to be a man of little words.

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