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A long time ago, Trance was a part of a group of aliens fighting the Evil Energy. One day, they landed on the Earth that was overtaken and destroyed by the Cossack Virus/Evil Energy. Trance was infected by it and was about to be added as a simple drone. However, due to her timely reanimation, she gained control of the virus inside of her and all the other dead bodies controlled by it. Somehow she managed to reproduce the dimensional travel of the Abyll brothers into this world and ravaged other worlds for their human's blood, since the Silent Army (her minions and her) needed it to keep the mutation of the original virus-infection alive.
Is is also not known how she managed to transform the body-controlling virus into the body-altering virus that changed the bodies into mere shades...
However, she was seperated from the so-called "Neon Light" by Phantom's scrambler and then tossed with him into an alternate reality. This act caused the final seperation between her and the Neon Light and the rest of the Silent Army, effectively destroying both her and the Silent Army.


The real Tremolo was - like Duo, Trance and Stakkato - part of the alien group that fought against the Evil Energy. He was the primus inter pares - leading them, but more on the basis of friendship. Even though he had no weapons, he was the calmest and most likely strongest and wisest among them.
When they landed on the destroyed alternate Earth, Tremolo was infected by Trance's new version of the virus, turning him into a parody of what he was before. Maybe because she wanted to punish him for not existing offenses...
He was changed back by Phantom's scrambler device and helped him to defeat Trance. After Phantom and Trance did another dimensional travel, he ended up alone with the Neon Light's energy, trying to contain it.
His future fate is unknown.


The last of the alien group that fought against the Evil Energy. He was the technician of the group, keeping their spaceship and their bodies operational. After he brought Trance back from the dead, he was attacked by some kind of tendrils. Whatever happened to him after that attack is unknown.

Drone of the Silent Army

One among the many, many drones of the Silent Army. After the dead bodies are infected, the light itself seems to be sucked out of them, they change into a dark shade that often changes its form, too. To attack, they can change a part of their body into a pseudo-body with weapons - usually blasters of some kind.
It takes massive firepower to destroy one of them - and the host body is destroyed in that process as well. However, they are not invincible - to keep the mutation of the original Cossack-virus in their systems, they need to fuel themselves with human blood.
They ceased to exist after Phantom seperated Trance from the Neon Light and tossed her into another dimension.

Member of the Army of the Damned

The origins of this group of warriors is unknown. They seem to fight a battle agains the inhabitants of the alternate Earth for unknown reasons. It's not even sure where their name originates from...


The leader and commander of the Army of the Damned. Just as the rest of the army, his origin and goal are unknown. He seems to be a rather intelligent leader, sometimes philosophical, too. Why someone like him went to war against a whole world is something that historicans will have to find out one day.
However, he fought against the Silent Army as well, using Phantom as a tool to destroy them. Most likely, he attacked the original inhabitants of the alternate Earth afterwards.

Doctor Victor Erondor

Seemingly a scientist watching the Silent Army, after he barely escaped the destruction of his home plane. He told Phantom of the Neon Light within him and sent him to get the scrambler device - the first real weapon against the Silent Army.
However, as it later turned out, he only was a fake, first being projected into Phantom's mind by the Army of the Damned to get the scrambler for them, then a guy posing as him.
However, with the knowledge that there are infinite possible universes out there, it's sure that there's a real Dr. Victor Erondor out there as well...

K-1 defense officer - kido

The female guardian and scientist working on the scrambler device, that was about to be used against the Silent Army. After the seemingly failure against Phantom, she was left as her collegue teleported out - she had been damaged before and couldn't teleport out.
However, Phantom convinced her to give him the scrambler. Her future fate after that is unknown.
Maybe an alternate version of Zero.


A scientist, working on the scrambler device. After it seemed to be a failure and in the eyes of his seemingly death, he teleported away, going to work on other weapons against the Silent Army.
Maybe an alternate version of Protoman.

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