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Duo (alternate)

A mysterious robot from outer space, Duo warned the inhabitants of the earth of the danger that the evil energy would bring upon them. He realized the additional danger that Dogadon brought upon them. However, he could never stop the coming events, because of his untimely death - he was caught between a blaster-duel of Phantom and UltimateZero.

Rock Wily-Light (alternate)

Rock was a household robot. Together with his sister Roll, he was meant to keep the lab of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily clean. However, one night, he went berserk, kidnapped his brothers and sister and brought war upon the world. He was upgraded by his sister to be a fighting robot. He utilizes strong buster and a good armor, together with speed.
However, his personality is that of a mad warlord, striving for world-domination through power. Together with his sister, he built many robots, but was beaten back each time by his older sister Abba and his older brother Blues.
One day, he nearly killed Blues and was in return destroyed by Gothic - along with his flying saucer.

Warlord (alternate)

After Rockman's death built by Roll and Dogadon, he was just a mad copy of his previous self. He didn't pose a real danger to anyone - he only killed in self-defense, but was insanely strong for this time-periode anyway. His main interest in this body was singing some child-songs...
He was briefly possessed by Dogadon, however, his body was destroyed in this fight, following his mind in the afterlife - if such a thing exists for evil robots.

Roll Wily-Light (alternate)

Roll was - just like her brother Rock - a housekeeping robot for the doctors Light and Wily. The day her brother went berserk, she was kidnapped by him and reprogrammed. With her large knowledge of cybernetics, she was not only able to upgrade him to a full fighting robot, but she also was able to work on her design and create an army of robots later.
She met her end as Blue blocked her saucer's main weapon and destroyed it with that.

Doctor Sergej Cossack (alternate)

A russian scientist, creator of MetaSyke, one of the best 5 scientists of his century, only outmatched by his collegues Light and Wily. He did not excel much in the practical way, being a more theory-oriented scientist.
After he heard from Gothic about the future where mankind fought reploids, he designed the Cossack Virus, originally meant to possess nearly destroyed robots and turn them against an aggressor. However, later it fell under the influence of the Evil Energy and formed the base of the Silent Army.

Doctor Albert Wily (alternate)

Dr. Albert Wily, partner of Dr. Thomas Light designed the two ground-breaking robots, Abba and Blues with his partner. However, after the experiences with those self-aware robots and with the berserk Rock, he dedicated his life to create a more human-like robot, feeling that only if robots and humans would be equal, they would survive.
Not much is known about his future life, he designed a new robot, Tiamat Zero and finally died by the "hands" of the predecessor of the Silent Army.

Doctor Thomas Light (alternate)

Dr. Thomas Light created together with Dr. Alber Wily Abba, Blues, Rock and Roll. After Rock and Roll declared war upon the world, Abba and Blues wished to fight them back, so he helped them as good as he could.
He also helped Gothic, UltimateZero and Duo against their own enemy.
His future fate is unknown.

Abba Wily-Light (alternate)

The first robot that Light and Wily created. She was one of the greatest miracles of the time, not only posessing free will, but also her own opinions about herself, the world, and everything she was interested in.
Her high intelligence often led to cynical remarks towards her younger brother, Blues, but also to innovative designs in the weaponry and armory.
She caught attention by several self-proclaimed fanboys of her, the noisiest one being Psychosis, but she ignored them most of the time.
However, after the battle against Dogadon, her programming was deleted. Her future fate is unknown.

Blues Wily-Light (alternate)

The second robot created by Light and Wily. He was more of a loner, however, he was willing to fight against Rock and Roll with his older sister Abba. His trusted support unit was the robotic dog, Rush. He was calm, cool and powerful, until he was captured by Roll. Even though he was barely able to move, he stopped her attempt to kill Phantom, Dogadon, Abba, Psychosis and Gothic by manipulating the main weapon of her saucer, blowing it up.
He died as a hero.

Psychosis (alternate)

Psychosis, a skilled sword-fighter and friend of the Cossack family, fell in love with Abba. Even though she never showed him more than the cold shoulder, he stayed persistant at her side, trying to impress her with his great skills in combat. It is said that his armor was a Cossack-design, able to manipulate time to a small instance. However, it didn't help him much... as Abba's programming was erased, he killed the supposedly powerful Warlord/Rockman, but lost to Dogadon in a sword-duel.
His future fate is unknown.

MetaSyke Cossack(alternate)

MetaSyke was the greatest creation of Cossack in the field of cybernetics. Together with his metool Metley, he stood for right and justice and against the tyranny of Rock and Roll on the continental Asia.
His ego was only damaged once, whereas Gothic tested a fusion-ending gun, leaving both him and Metley unable to fight against their foes.
His future fate is unknown.

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