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Lord Shihayazad

Current ruler of the small kingdom of Loanne, Shihayazad once was a follower of the Order of the Dark Paladins. However, he threw up with them after the massacre of Thule and left, wandering the known world aimlessly. He fought the Abyss Gate Guardians together with the other heroes, bringing peace to the world. His reward was the small kingdom of Loanne, where the Marquis was killed by the Gate Guardian Byunei. There, he formed a strong military and took care of the problems of hunger and Goblin attacks.

Mordred DeBulivier

Mordred DeBulivier is a battle-hardened warrior, fighting in many wars and longtime friend of Shihayazad's father. On his dieng bed, he promised to take care of his son. After the Abyss war, he fulfilled the promise, becoming his trusted friend as well.

Madarestra of Huebendorp

Madarestra dedicated herself to serve in a temple in early years. Over the time, she ascended higher and higher in the church's ranks. However, it seems like this wasn't enough for her. Rejected from her god, she secretly turned away and worshipped the powers behind the Abyss instead. This gave her an immense magical power, but the price was also high. What exactly it was... maybe it's beyond our comprehension.


Wanderer. One of the heroes that fought against the Abyss Gate Guardians. After that, he continued to travel the world and deal with weapons.


One of the Titans, an omnious race existing parallel to the world and the Abyss. He might very well be one of the greater ones, picking up chosen mortals to undergo tests. His great power - he destroyed Oracale in one blow - might be an indication of that.


Another one of the Titans. He seems to be one of the keepers of knowledge or wisdom. However, due to his brief appearance, he will most likely stay mysterious.


One of the Abyss Titans. Like too many other things, even the mighty and mysterious race of the Titans has their counterpart in the Abyss. This warrior is one of them, striving to corrupt mighty mortals to their doom. He was destroyed by Frostbite, however, so his scheme failed at least. If he was destroyed for good is unknown, though...

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