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Generic Maverick Hunter Type 1

A well-known view at the world. This is the most common type of Maverick Hunter... or rather was it. He was widely common as "standard" reploid in the days before the Sigma-rebellion, used as worker and later as hunter, too. His weapons and armors are rather weak to modern standards. However, some of them possess special weapons, that outweight their rather bland standard equipment.
Just like every reploid, they are self-aware and have a unique personality.

Generic Maverick Hunter Type 2

After the Sigma-rebellion, many of the generic reploids became Irregular or Maverick, so they had to be replaced.
This design was the answer: it had stronger equipment and was a bit more secure against the Irregular-problems. However, it failed. Many of them fell victim to the Sigma-virus, becoming cannon-fodder against the hunters. However, quite a large number of them are still active, working or fighting in the world. Just like every reploid, they are self-aware and have a unique personality.


A somewhat mysterious reploid, Cyber is said to be a backbone-smuggler. Or rather, an ex-backbone-smuller, since she opened up a bar in an abandoned warehouse. However, it's sure that she is sneaky, though shy - a rather weird combination, especially for a backbone-smuggler. It's not known why or when she started and stopped at this business, but it seems to have brought her in conflict with the Golden King - she claims that his men caught her by searching a place for a bar, but who knows if that's true?
She once was a business-partner of AdamS Jericho, however, since her smuggeling days are over, they lost contact.

The Golden King

The Golden King once was a typical Generic Maverick Hunter Type 1, until the day he was infected by Sigma. In those days - before his uprising - Mavericks were considered normal Irregulars, thus he wasn't instantly killed, but exiled to Australia. Here, he stumbled upon a new set of armors and weapons, possibly left from the MacArthur wars. He decided to aide his master with gaining power over one of the white spaces of the worldmap of power. He found several henchmen and took control of a lot of buildings.
However, one day, he came into conflict with Macc Maverick and Phantom. In the duel between himself and Phantom, Tremolo killed him and abducted Phantom. His followers, however, still cling to his legacy - the legacy of Sigma's puppet.

Tiamat Zero Wily

In the alternate past that Phantom, Gothic and UltimateZero visited, Wily never was the madman he was in the "real" histoy books. This alternate Wily's version of Zero was a female robot, meant to be equal to a human being and not a mindless killing machine. He named this robot "Zero" as well. However, since the capsule containing her was named "Project Tiamat", she got the name "Tiamat Zero".
Her equipment is pretty good, even for modern standards - even though it's just a buster and a set of armor.
Even though Dr. Abyll didn't seem to like her, he kind of "adopted" her, keeping her in his lab, for whatever reasons. She's quickly become friends with her new adopted brothers. However, she still thinks back to her far away, dead, world and her real father...

Macc Maverick

Once host of a famous talk-show, Macc Maverick made a few jokes about the wrong people, was labelled "political criminal" and exiled to Australia together with his girlfriend. There he was offered to host a new show. However, since the offerer was the Golden King, the show would have consisted of pure propaganda. Macc didn't like that, thus he had to make errands for the Golden King while he kept his girlfriend Kai hostage. Thus, he stumbled upon Phantom for his quest for help. After Phantom and the Golden King both disappeared, he quickly freed Kai.

Kai-Sha Ann Maverick

Macc's girlfriend, who made the error to protest against his unfair trial. She was quickly labelled as sympathisant and exiled as well. When Macc met the Golden King, she tried to convince him that allying with him would end in ruin, but failed... a short time after that, she was held as captive, to blackmail Macc into running the Golden King's errands.
She was freed after Phantom's duel with the Golden King. However, since his followers are still in the tower, they are both stuck.

AdamS Jericho

Not much is known about this young man, but the fact that he used to be a rather unknown backbone smuggler. His smuggling time didn't only give him quite some money, but a staying paranoia as well.
Thus, he thankfully accepted to become Dr. Abyll's personal assistant. He proved his paranoia as he accidently broke Phantom's skull... which ended in Phantom getting the silver haired skull.
Due to his large knowledge about the darker ends of the junkyard, he became a valuable friend after Abyll kicked all of them out of his lab.


One of AdamS' old "buddies", obviously someone who would do near anything for money. Most people would consider him to be a mercenary, however, he mostly refuses to fight for anyone and will rather try to bribe his way out of a bad situation.
His whole pride are his boots, which may not allow him to dash like most people, but which allow him to walk upside-down and straight on the walls. How this is managed is unknown and will stay unknown, since it is very unlikely that anyone will get him to give them away.


This robot existed in the 21st century. It's not known who built him or for what. But his data is still in the holographic training system of the Lab of Abyll, for whatever reason.
His armor was very, very good for his time, but today, it's not much of a match for most opponents.


One of the ravagers, people who live by stealing technological interesting devices and selling them.


Another ravanger. Them being loners means that if two of them meet, a fight is sure. Such happened when Tom and Arylon briefly met.
However, Arylon owns a perfectly working buster suit, thus making him more powerful against the usual junkyard scum.

White Dragon Nall

A mysterious individual. After claiming to be superior and the following unsatisfying responses, he teleported away...

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