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Doctor Doppler

After the second attack against Sigma, it became clear that it would not be easy to defeat the former leader of the hunters. Cain industries reacted with creating a new, advanced scientist reploid - Doppler, made in the image of the last doctor of robotics.
Meant to develope new weapons and armors, he also soon realized what Sigma was and began to create an anti-virus program. Sigma - unsatisfied about Abyll's cooperation - decided, that if he could not have the original scientist, he should at least get the reploid made in its image. Soon after he infected Doppler, he gave out a "cure" to the Mavericks, who then moved over to Dopplertown, a secret hideout for Sigma's next attack.

Gumbyll Abyll

A giant robot, built to destroy Sigma once and for all. Equipped with weapons that were never used before, one wonders what could stop the latest creation of Dr. Abyll.
(The picture to the left is only 50% size.)

Shiva Doppler

One of the five bots Doppler built. Calling herself the queen of ice, she deserves that title for the most part. Her enhanced armor makes her basically invulnerable against any ice- or water-based attack. Her blaster and her saber work with special enhancements, that allows her to activate them normally or in a special ice-mode, where the weapons freeze anything they hit.

Goblez Doppler

Another one of the five bots Doppler built. He relies on brute strength and tactics instead of special weapon configurations. This Maverick is a harsh foe with a slight Australian accent. He is quick to anger, though not blinded by it like most people.


One of the members of the short-lived Zero-hunters, one of the new top-strike teams of the Maverick army. He was killed when Gumbyll blew up Sigma's fortress.

Adam McDohl

Another one of the members of the ill-fated Zero-hunters. He was the long-range-support of the group. In the fight with Gumbyll, he damaged one of his arms enough, so that Cronos could swipe it off clean. However, he drained nearly all of his reserves and was destroyed when Gumbyll blew up the fortress.


Leader of the Zero-hunters, Nei was not only the main tactician, but also the close combat-fighter. She met her fate in the battle with Gumbyll, when she foolishly jumped right into his attack.

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