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Sigma Cain

Created as the perfect hunter, Sigma was the leader of the hunters for a long time. After a match with the berserk Zero, he was infected by a part of the Wily OS. His protective circuits stopped him from running berserk as well, but the unknown OS slowly changed his mental subsystems, turning him into a mad"man", bent on world-domination... of a world ruled and inhabited by robots and reploids only.
After changing his programming into that of a virus, he began to work on his evil plans. In his first attempt to overrun civilisation, he was fought back by the ancestor of all reploids - X himself. After that, he licked his wounds. Unable to act for a while, he gladly accepted the help of Dr. Abyll who wished for the humans not to be killed, but later shipped to Mars instead - to create a new utopia. He was give help by Abyll's first 3 test designs. However, he failed again, as the rebuilt Zero attacked him instead of X. He's still an ally of Abyll, but both are ready to break the treaty if it seems like the other one is betraying them.

Phantom Abyll

One of the three new X-Hunter-robots, created by Abyll for Sigma.
Phantom is the "special task"-unit. Where Ultimate Zero posesses brutal strength and Gothic fast and deadly powerplay, Phantom has hardly special equipment. He has a normal Abyll Mark II buster and a "cold" beam saber. "Cold" means, that the saber draws its energy from the heat of the surroundings. Thus, it's attack is not heat- based like normal sabers, but instead cold-based. His very own speciality, is the Phantom-mode. This unique device is based on some of the more obscure Wily robot masters (Flash Man, Quick Man) and enables him to jump in a timestream that - for the purpose of normal time - is 2 seconds ahead of us. He can pass through moving objects - he doesn't even see them-, but cannot manipulate standing objects - like walls or closed doors.
Due to a scheme by Samuel, Phantom posesses the memories of Freezeman, thus making him special in his own way.
Later on, he is granted a weapon copy system by Dr. Abyll, which allows him to use enemies weapons after he defeated them - just like Rockman could and the more advanced Rockman X can.

Ultimate Zero Abyll

One of the three new X-Hunter-robots, created by Abyll for Sigma.
Ultimate Zero is based on the Zero-design, has stronger armor and long-range-weapons. He is meant to be the long-range-backup unit for Gothic and Phantom, thus, he can hardly walk and dashes most of the time. It would be most likely possible for him to act normal, but the lighter armor of his is still tested, due to some unwanted reaction with several liquids.
Ultimate Zero is a bit slow and seems a bit playful and child-like at times, due to his resource-consuming aim-program, that has a higher priority than some of his emotional routines. Nonetheless, he's a great friend, always ready for a joke, which is most of life to him, it seems.

Gothic Abyll

One of the three new X-Hunter-robots, created by Abyll for Sigma.
Gothic, the close-combat-unit was created in the image of a hardly-known Wily unit. However, the historical Gothic was known to use a scythe as main weapon, whereas this Gothic uses saber claws, a weapon that's hardly ever seen. In addition, he posesses a new kind of repair-device: in his back, some small tentacles are built in, that can suck the energy from enemy units (and from friendly units, of course) and use it to power Gothic's strong auto-repair-program. As the third gimmick he posesses, he can fly for a short time. However, the flight device is powered by a different energy-source that only allows small flights. Dr. Abyll created experimental bat-wings for him, but they aren't out of the test-phase.
Gothic has a high intelligence, sees himself as a master of wits and is known for his black humor. However, he's concerned about friends and family and generally is a friendly person, once you get to know him.

Dogadon Light

Dogadon was created in the first years of MacArthur's reign of terror. He was meant to be the support unit for Rockman X, just like Rush was for Rock. However, identically to Rockman X, his personality matrix collapsed after a few minutes of activation. Not identically to Rockman X, he couldn't be deactivated and placed in a capsule. Instead, he killed Dr. Thomas Light in the process. Then, he roamed around the surrounding countryside, randomly killing people - for the fight against the tyrant MacArthur, he was well-armed. A few months later, he was destroyed by a rocket over east-chinese beach.
Several years later, Sigma discovered Dogadon and reactivated him, to keep him as personal servant. He forced him to stay in his spy-mode, where he only had half his normal size and reduced energy-output.
Dogadon was killed by Phantom in an alternate past, after he posessed Phantom and later posessed an alternate, evil, Rockman. However, this would not be the first time that he's meant to be dead, but doesn't stay that way...


Hex is a reploid servant in the Lab of Abyll. Not much is known about him, but it's sure that he is another outcast of Cain Industries. It could well be that he once worked in a semi-important facility. However, since he doesn't want to talk about it, it will most likely stay unknown.
Hex doesn't have much weaponry, but is skilled in manipulating ride-armors.

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